How is Spotalpha different?

Wondering what makes Spotalpha unique and why you should be using it? Then you have reached the right place.

Spotalpha is 100% automated and therefore provides analysis that is rational and consistent

Spotalpha’s quantitative models are not influenced by human biases or emotions. This helps us navigate market uncertainty better while delivering consistent results.

Spotalpha’s models are adaptive and have a proven track record of high success rate in live markets

Our quantitative models have been live for large periods of time across global markets and asset classes. As of January 2020 our research is updated across more than 100,000 instruments globally, everyday. Spotalpha’s models are also dynamic and adapt to changes in the market – this is why Spotalpha delivers very high accuracy.

Spotalpha is investor focused and broker neutral

Spotalpha’s focus is purely on maximizing returns and reducing risk for our clients (the investor) rather than on generating brokerage. We are committed to not having any conflict of interest with our clients. We choose to be broker neutral and collect as little information from users as possible (only email ID) because :

  • Tools and advice provided by stock brokers usually aims to get users to trade more or take high leverage (options trading, commodities) inorder to generate commissions. This behavior is eventually causing clients to incur huge losses.
  • Several brokers are selling their user’s order-flow data to HFT firms. This behavior is leading to increased slippages and poor order fills for customers.

Spotalpha is very powerful, affordable and yet easy to use

There are several professional research platforms such as the Bloomberg/Reuters terminals. While these are all very powerful and flexible, these platforms are very expensive (costing more than $2,000 as subscription fees per month) and require significant training for even the most professional investor to use them correctly. Further investors need to purchase multiple data subscriptions to make use of the tools (such as portfolio optimiser) embedded in these platforms. Spotalpha’s platform on the other hand is designed for investors with no knowledge of quantitative finance or statistics. Our platform is designed by algorithmic trading veterans with 20+ years of programming experience (of which more than 9 years were spent in developing trading algorithms for hedge funds and mutual funds). The algorithms used by Spotalpha are time tested and extremely popular with institutions.

In short, Spotalpha is reliable, affordable, super easy to use and has no frills.

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