Welcome to Spotalpha! The screamingly fast way to improve your profits.

Spotalpha provides research and analysis tools that make investing safe and easy. Our research and tools are powered by AI and computational finance with several years of proven track record of maximizing returns while minimizing risk.

The name Spotalpha is derived from Spot+Alpha. Alpha is a finance term that measures a portfolio’s performance after adjusting for risk. The name Spotalpha indicates our vision, which is to ‘make it easy for you to maximize return while minimizing risk’.


Spotalpha’s research is easy to consume and is generated automatically by quantitative tools – without any human involvement. Each research product is useful for investors following a specific investing style.

Alpha Portfolios (US | IN) is ideal for investors who invest in diversified portfolios. Read more

Alpha Trends (US | IN) is ideal for active stock and derivatives investors investing in few (not more than 5) instruments. Read more

Alpha Ratings (US | IN) is ideal for the buy and hold investor. Read more

Alpha Mutual funds (IN) is ideal for investors who invest in equity/debt mutual funds. Read more

Alpha Debt (IN) is ideal for institutional investors investing in debt instruments. Read more


Spotalpha’s tools are ideal for advanced investors who have more time to perform research or use sophisticated investment strategies.

Alpha Builder (US | IN) is ideal for active stock and derivatives investors. Read more

Portfolio Optimiser – Stocks (US | IN) is ideal for stock and ETF portfolio investors. Read more

Portfolio Optimiser – Mutual Funds (IN) is ideal for mutual funds portfolio investors. Read more


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